Behind the physical lies a spiritual realm that many are unaware of.  Perhaps some  are too afraid to investigate.  What if everything you heard in Sunday school was true?  What if you learned that the final days were coming but no one knew exactly how it would happen?  Could you truly prepare for the unknown?  This is the year the final countdown has begun.  God is gathering His remnants.  The descendants of the original twelve tribes of Israel are being gathered.  Reba is young and vibrant with her entire future ahead of her.  She is one of the twelve descendants but unaware of her lineage or what is in store for her.  Reba will soon learn that her failure to listen or study her bible over the years could be detrimental to humanity’s future. She is the one chosen to lead the battle for humanity in the physical realm, while in the spiritual; Satan, has strategically launched his attack against heaven and will try to take it by force.


The book begins a series that will follow the twelve descendents of the original tribe of Israel.  They will discover their lineage and their role in a final battle between Heaven and Hell.  Several books have been written about spiritual warfare in a similar way, however, this book steps outside the literary boundaries of genre specific work.


As a minister who’s many contributions of instructional material is still used by Ministers as a study guide for ordination, I am able to draw from experience as well as a touch upon the subject of spiritual warfare.







The Remnants of God

Until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Matthew 11:12b




It was going to be another hot day and; although no different from any other day since the season had changed; there was moisture in the air bringing a promise of rain soon.  Lying here on the floor with my eyes closed, moisture dripped down my body like a sweating glass holding ice on a hot summer day.  You know how the drops of moisture outside of its contents trickle down onto the tablecloth leaving spots of evidence that it was once a solid substance?  Yes sadly, the temperature outside held no promise of relief.  As my mind began to awaken to my surroundings and focus I realized there was a stench in the air.


There was a pungent smell that was foreign yet familiar.  It was as if someone had slaughtered meat and left it out in the sun to decay.  As the odor reached my nostrils, I began to feel nauseous.  With the thought of vomiting so near, I tried pulling myself up from where I laid only to slip on something wet and red, all over the place.  There was blood on the floor, on the wall and on the bed next to me.  Why was I lying on the floor and where had the blood come from? I sat up and my mind was still somewhat in a daze.  I realized that I didn’t remember how I had gotten here or where here actually was.


Horror struck me as I looked around in fear at what was once a beautiful room.  This once lovely room had been transformed into something that no man, woman or child should ever have to see.  It was something from a sci-fi film or maybe even a horror movie, and for some reason I felt I was the main attraction.  As the fear gripped me; it was so intense that I froze.  Just as I began to feel an overwhelming sense of terror the room began to spin. It was as if a voice inside my head told me to run for my life, but reason told me to wait and listen for any sound which may or may not be near.  After a few moments I decided to get up carefully and take my chances.  As I tried to get up; I examined my surroundings more carefully.  I tried very hard to keep silent.  Yes indeed this was in fact someone’s bedroom.  It was familiar but definitely not someplace I could remember visiting before.  I pulled myself up only to slip again.


“Try again but take your time” I told myself.  I pulled myself up this time cautiously grabbing on the bed spread for leverage and pulled myself to my knees.  With my head spinning, I managed to pull myself onto the bed and look around more carefully.   Suddenly I knew where I was and whose house I was in.  This was Bianca’s room, my husband’s sister.  What happened?  I decided to sit a moment listening for sounds that would confirm someone still being in the house before venturing out.  I prayed for my head to stop spinning.  Feeling weak I looked toward the bedroom door which led down a long hallway toward the rest of the house.  The walls, or should I say the blood splattered walls; were partially dried with stains all over them.


I knew that I had to get out of this situation.  The doorknob was the only thing I saw with no blood on it.  Getting up and carefully walking over to the door I opened it not knowing what was waiting on the other side.  I continued down the hallway, shaking and looked to my left.  This was Bianca’s guest room, the room that Gerald and I were to share while we were visiting. The doorknob was covered with blood and fear gripped me.  I was afraid to open the door, but I had to know what was behind it.  Without thinking I placed my hand under my shirt before opening the door.  Why was I so cautious in opening the door? I was making sure that I didn’t leave prints.  What was that about?  Why hadn’t I just called the police immediately?


As I opened the door I was taken aback by the smell.  The room was bright, parading a myriad of crimsons, indigos, the richest of emeralds and the brightest yellows.  With such brilliance a prism was invading the room as the first sunlight shined through the window.  This was once the room of Bianca’s baby.  The child which should have never been born and now it was a blood bath with what seemed to be the remains of a person.  Memories came flooding back almost immediately and I began to feel sick.  “GET OUT, GET OUT!” is all I remember hearing.  A voice stronger than the will to survive was yelling “GET OUT!”




There were angelic forces surrounding the house waiting for her to come out safely.  If she could get out they would have her covered and would see to it that she arrived to a safe place until the appointed time.  She had a destiny for her life and it involved the child she was carrying.  They knew that the battle would not be easy but they were given strict orders to do whatever was necessary to be done so that no harm would come to her or the child.  The child would do great things for the Lord.


They had the trees covered as with several forces dispatched on the ground.  Elohim had dispatched His finest for this mission.  These great warriors were known as His Ministering and Warring Angels.  They were wearing breastplates like iron, and the sound of their wings replicating the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle.   When they stood they gave the appearance of a mountaintop; standing ablaze reaching to the very heights of the heavens. And anything behind them would look to be covered with black clouds and deep darkness.


The Angelic Warriors knew that the demonic forces within the house were too strong to enter just yet.  There was not enough prayer coverage and it could be felt.  Without adequate prayer coverage the angelic forces would be left in a weakened state.   Although there were at least 23 of them waiting for her outside, they knew that they were still outnumbered.  Gabriel had already sent the message by Chislon that Abaddon the destroyer was inside with forty to fifty of his finest soldiers.  Hod thought it would be wise to summon up prayers from the saints.


Kneeling in prayer and giving instruction to his comrades, Chislon looked toward the heavens,


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