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Greater; Higher Altitudes


The fog was so thick, all I could see was my car window.  Although I knew where the road was leading, how to home, get where I needed to; I had become uncertain because I could not see ahead or me.  It had nothing to do with confidence; and although familiar with the road I had to travel, tears fell.

Speaking to God, I kept going forward.  I had spoken in the lives of so many as He instructed, was still covering many in prayer and humbled that He trusted me to pray for them.  But at that very moment, my heart was heavy as I continued driving, feeling alone with no one to cry out to but the Father. 

Aware He could hear me, yet uncertain He would answer immediately.  As I have learned, there are times He answers right away and times He is silent.  As the tears fell and I drove slower; as I drove to higher altitudes in the mountainous area, the fog was thicker, did not allow me to see anything.  As I drove down a hill; visibility was approximately 6 inches past my windshield.  Amid my tears, He began to speak.

“Pamela, I am here always.  Understand, as I take you to higher altitudes, you will have to trust me even when you cannot see the road ahead.  Many days you will not be able to see the road ahead, in trust, you will be required to continue; move forward confident of my leading.”

Pulling into my driveway finally, the tears fell as I parked, turning the ignition off.  Going inside to shower, I was exhausted but not defeated.  I showered, fell on my bed wrapped in my towel and fell asleep in tears.  In trust, I knew He was not only confirming His presence but reminding me, that the Words spoken into my heart about the destiny He had chosen was not forgotten nor delayed.

I was being prepared, taught, tempered and conditioned to walk into it.  He was assuring I would be ready for it.  It was the sound of the Father’s voice that awakened me hours after dropping.  While I was more than grateful for the moment and revelation He lovingly gave me, I knew it was only the beginning of a great journey as He awakened me to His voice; calling me,

“Pamela, Greater is coming.”

I share this testimony with you as many of you are walking parallel with me.  For even as I walk this journey, not always for myself, I say to each of you reading this, greater is coming.  Know I continue to cover you each in prayer, knowing without a doubt the Father hears me and is faithful. Stay encouraged and trust the journey!



~Luke 1:45 ~


~Psalms 18:36 ~


Chronicles Of His Bride 




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