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A Pure Heart

Matthew 5:8  (KJV)

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Man’s rational abilities and thoughts are the limitations we have allowed to hinder and distort the trust which gives a deeper understanding to life, allowing us to become limitless.  As a result, we follow instead of lead, embracing what many say rather than making statements…  “Follow your mind not your heart” they told you…

Well, today yet again, I challenge you with this one thought:

The human heart begins beating within an unborn fetus even before the brain has been formed.  Yeshua made not mistake in telling us to have a pure heart.

It is in purity, we learn to be like children and trust God.  We have become so wise that we missed the basics.  May we each find the child within us, relinquishing every preconceived notion we have built of who God is and remember what it once was to just trust the God of all creation!

Within the purity of your heart, you will walk in the passion and motivation you were created for and ultimately…you shall fulfill your destiny Yeshua has called you to, while drawing even you closer to Him.


~Luke 1:45 ~

~Psalms 18:36 ~


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Have a blessed day everyone!

From my heart to yours…



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