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Submission's Mission #3


Awakened, in awe to unfamiliar territory...and as I AM breathes into you; inhale love, grace and mercy with each breath, as you exhale a releasing of purpose, humility, love, and yes gratitude... For even as Adoni spoke and said into the Father's hands HE commended His Spirit, yours came alive and lived...


Inhale, HE said, take of HIS breathe, for everything that has breath must praise for HE is the Lord ouur God.


Filled with WONDER, the tears fall as you hear HIM say, I am sending and releasing the promises. Hesitantly, you now down and cry. Your submission was necessary. For surely, you have been faithful, diligent in all things. Many never fully understood or knew of your battles I had you fight...winning wars not only for yourself, but for many others.

Many I had you cover would never even consider praying for you. As I pulled you closer, with tears falling in obedience You came. Never once asking, when the time would come for you to receive all that I have shown You, promised you. You have led many into battle, returning victorious each time, and yet...today I say look deep within, and listen, hear MY Words.

I AM WHO WAS. I AM WHO IS, I AM WHO IS to come, relentless is MY love for you. Your enemies were allowed to survive, some only to witness what I AM about to do through you and for you. Lift your head up, for surely you must know, you have always been the Apple of MY eye.

Even as I have spoken to you in your secret place, I shall bless you publicly and all shall know that I ALONE AM THE LORD THY GOD!

Your submission came with a mission...

~Luke 1:45 ~

~Psalms 18:36 ~


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Have a blessed day everyone!

From my heart to yours…



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