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Grateful To God

It’s a new month and by the grace of God, you are reading this.  As I began the day, I knew I had to post on my website but instead, I took time away to reflect; give thanks to my heavenly Father.  I am reminded daily of how He desires to spend time with us.  We become so concerned with performing, being seen; never once considering the moments Father wants us hidden in Him.

 Yes, there is a reason Yeshua withdrew Himself from the crowds. Know when to withdraw to spend intimate time in His presence!

God is NOT speaking to where you are, He is speaking to your IDENTITY...He is speaking to WHO YOU ARE!  HE IS SPEAKING TO WHO HE CREATED YOU TO BE BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HE SEES…

NOW, Listen and see what He sees…

Find time in your day to just withdraw, sit at the feet of the Father; remember the simple everyday blessings and just be thankful…

~Luke 1:45 ~

~Psalms 18:36 ~


Chronicles Of His Bride 




Remember, command your day!



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Have a blessed day everyone!

From my heart to yours…



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