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Rest In The Knowing



Father is teaching, giving you a deeper understanding of resting in Him, trusting His timing, having patience knowing the doors He is opening will open as you trust and rest in the knowing. Embrace this time of preparation, polishing, unseen as transformation takes place. Holy Spirit is performing with precision, cutting away and leaving the lean. During times of frustration, find that place of peace. As you find it you will see doors open, a new fragrance released from heaven. Father desires you to rest fully in Him, just knowing. Move as He says move, be still when He requires you to be still.


Always remember, heaven has an integrity, a language; a frequency of its own. You are moving over what seems to be familiar terrain, yet there are snares set and it is imperative that you allow Holy Spirit to maneuver, guide you at all times. Your destination is too important. There will be times you feel the acceleration in your spirit, do not allow yourself to be anxious. Stand your ground, listen; hear. Surely, the revelation Father releases is for an appointed time and will not prove false. You shall wait patiently for it to manifest, it will NOT prove false, it shall certainly come to past.


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