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Armor On

"Armor On"


Romans 10:17 (KJV)
17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


Life has taught me many lessons and I am very careful who I allow myself to open up to. Even as a person knocks at a door and I have the choice as to whether or not to open the door, you must seek God at all times. Because a spoken word is so very powerful, know what you allow yourself to become part of will either hinder or enhance your journey. Not everyone should you allow to speak into your life. You shall know those divinely sent.


It was not until this morning, God bought back to remembrance a conversation I had the previous week. You see, each morning after talking, the first words I heard in my spirit were “Armour On”. Because I am very careful to stay close to the Father’s heart, my first reaction was to pray and ask Adoni to search my heart, keep it pure and tell me why I kept hearing these words. There was peace and yet...


It was not until I sat quietly that I understood. Sometimes we can become comfortable with being in the desert. Our thirst to be in His presence is fulfilled there; our gifts are refined, we go through the purging period and as we learn our hearing is in tune to know without a doubt the voice of God. When God is calling you out of the desert, knowing you have not only learned what it is to war but win, there is a tendency to stay in the familiar place because what was once a place of uncertainty and fear has become a place of comfort because as know Father has been with you.


Come out of the desert I say to those of you El Elyon is calling out. It is time to leave the caves and the desert and take your rightful place. Stop feeling you are not ready; Father deposited within you what is needed as He always has. All you must be is willing and He will do the rest.

(Chronicles of His Bride)




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