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A Heart That Hears


Time and experience taught you the importance of guarding your heart as well as your ear-gates. Trust Me as I move, rearrange your life. The old is being replaced with new wine bottles to hold that which I AM filling you with.

It is your diligence, your tenacity to believe in the midst of the storms that blew. Now, Zephyrs are blowing with a scent of lavender and hyacinth. Breathe in the fragrance I AM releasing even as your prayers have been sweetness unto My nostrils.

Wipe your tears and release all fear. Fear is not of Me. Acquiesce and know this is your season to receive. Even that which was planted in prayer and watered with tears is springing forth.

(Chronicles of His Bride)



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Have a blessed day everyone!

From my heart to yours…



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