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Trusting The Journey

Romans 8:19
For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God....

Today was challenging to say the least, and I knew Elohim was pulling me away from the shore line of comfort; having me drift into deeper waters. And while there lie many uncertainties, I am certain the God who tells the waves when to rise as well as recede is in full control.


There is a repositioning, a realignment taking place for many, assuring that what El Elyon ordained before the beginning shall manifest.  As I packed some things into my car, I was hesitant, a little tired and grabbed a hat, attempting to hide my present condition. We tend to do this when we feel our appearance is less than our best, but that was when Adoni began to pull on my heart. As I got into my car and sat down, His first question was why was I hiding. Contemplating the question, I was aware there was more.


You see, we tend to be so inundated with our outward appearance that we forget Father is more concerned with our heart, our character and if we embrace every step of our journey as a lesson. Thinking on this I began to allow my tears to fall. I read a post earlier today that dropped me to my knees and understood that Adoni is so intentional.  Even then, He had seen my heart, and in tenderness began to speak to me, show me things only He could.


Allowing myself time to sit quietly, I thought about the journey, the terrain I had already traveled, every smile, every tear, every fear as well as every victory. I remembered what He said for me to do and His promises. Although they are truly more than I could ask or hope for, I am grateful He would even consider me. As I continue my path, I pray you all understand, God uses everything. Nothing is wasted and everything is going to be for your good. Trust His leading, trust your journey. I cannot say this enough.  Those destined to be in your life will be there.  Above all, Adoni is always there, holding you as you go forward.  Many times, we are waiting for God and in truth sometimes, He is waiting for us. 


I heard something today which confirmed for me that I must always have a willingness to risk it all for what I believe. Be willing to go before the King, during your tears or even in fear. Decided if you perish, then you perish, but be willing to bow before the King and await Him as He lets down His Scepter.
Enjoy the remainder of the weekend everyone.
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Have a blessed day everyone!

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