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Isaiah 61:3

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for and I believe it to be true.  That is most of the time anyway.  But while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  You see Jesus received the punishment for sins he had not committed.  There are many that would say, that they did not deserve what has happened to them in their life.  Others would still say, that some did not get what they truly deserved.  However, when you examine the Grace of God and His mercy, you come to realize that Grace is receiving that which you are unworthy o.  Mercy is not being held accountable for, or punished for, that which you have done.

I realized that for over 33 years, I was always caring for or taking care of others.  Now, God was in control and taking care of me.  Of course He had always done this but it was different now.  God was sowing back into my life, giving me beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for all the years I had mourned.

He had begun to show me things and whisper into my heart what only He was capable of doing.  He said to me that I had not because I asked not.  The key was to ask for the things that gave Him joy.  It would bring forth the manifestations of what He had designed my life to be.  So many times we ask amiss because we allow our own desires to drive us as opposed to what God truly desires for us.  God was saying He was about to sow back into my life, every tear, every disappointment, every sacrifice that I had made, which others never rewarded or even acknowledged.

It would be another hard reality.  The need and desire to give, never realizing that I truly did not, or could not comprehend receiving.  And on the level that God was beginning to give to me. I was overwhelmed and filled with a love that I did not know existed.   So as God began to woo me, a new chapter of my life would begin.  I did what many of you probably had experienced in your life already, but it would take me 50 years to do.  I took a trip to the spa and it would begin a new journey in my life.

Stepping into the Ritz Carlton Hotel came with it an experience all its own.  I had never experienced anyone catering to me and my needs.  At first it was so very stressful.  I was so used to being the one to cater to others.  I usually pampered myself at the end of the day when the children had gone to sleep.  The experience of having my nails done and not do them myself was considered a real treat.  But let me say, it was a little uncomfortable at first.

Now before I go any further, I would like to say, I am grateful for the journey that was once mine as a wife, a mother, a minister and the list could continue.  It taught me gratitude for everything.  There were time that my children were in the next room fighting and all I wanted was a moment’s peace.  Sometimes I would spent all night without sleep because one of them had a fever, still having to rise early in the morning for work.  There were long hours I would spend praying for someone through the night and still have to function the next day.  These experiences would later teach me the essence of what truly matters in life.  Sure everyone would like to be wealthy, but true wealth is not measured by a bank account.   So today was the day and I had never pampered myself befoe.  There was no group of women that I went with on my little excursion.  This was a journey that God desired I experience all alone.

As I walked in the spa at the Ritz Carlton, I was greeted and presented with a pamphlet.  The view, scents/and aromas as well as the soft music playing, were all a part of the journey.  And just as I became a little frustrated, a calming overtook me, as if God himself had taken my hand and told me to relax.  He told me that I belonged here.  The Holy Spirit was standing beside me guiding me into the room where I found a feeling of tranquility.  I closed the door behind me and undressed not knowing what to expect, but knowing that I was in the Hands of a God that loved me.  I looked over in the mirror after closing the door and saw a reflection of a woman that I had lost somewhere along the way over the years. 

Felling the tears well up into my eyes with a nervous smile I reflected on the various experiences life had given me up to this point.  Feeling grateful for the closed door that separated me from the outside, I allowed as my tears of neglect, inexperience, shame and wonder to drape my cheeks.  Yes the wonder of a child draped my cheeks like a pair of curtains that weathered many storms in a picture window.  They revealed the inside of a house that had been lived in but not taken care of.  My soul resembled the walls of that home in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint and needed repairs.  So as my soul  began to cry out for renovations to be made, I stood there changing allowing God to caress my soul like no one walking the earth could.

My first stop was a massage.  I had never had one so this in itself would be an experience I would remember for the rest of my life.  As the masseuse began to work on my body, it was a little painful at first like our lives are at times.  And each time I would tense up, I was instructed to just relax and allow my body to receive the pressure that was being applied.  It takes pressure to process a piece of coal into a diamond.  Life's pressures, if we allow them, will do the same for us.  The key is to not fight the process, but allow God to have His way and at the right time, a diamond, pure, unique and unlike another will develop.

The next stop was a Georgia Red Clay Mud wrap used for detoxification.  As I laid the on the table the woman began by gently scraping off all of the dead skin cells with a cloth  She then proceeded with covering my body in warm mud.  Who would think that being covered in mud could feel so good? I felt at peace.  Amazing.  In life we are covered in mud by the choices we make, the things others do when  to us they sling mud with the volatile words meant to hurt us.  Today, mud but never felt so good.  And as the detoxification began God began detoxifying my soul of all the mud that had been thrown or loaded up into my spirit.  I did not resist the process and I allowed the tears to just fall.  Going to the shower was like God’s blood symbolically washing away years of toxic experiences as well as dead skins cells.  This represented dead relationships and issues that God was allowing to die in me.  All the years of pain and the scars were washed away as the water ran off my body.  

Drying off; I was led to another room for my facial.  I had worn a smile for many years while the inside of me was crying.  Now with the removal of dead skin cells,  looking into the mirror, I wondered if I had acquired laugh lines or tear lines, I found myself falling into a peaceful sleep as the woman continued massaging my skin and cleaning my pores.  I heard a soft voice telling me to wake up and looking up, I realized that I had fallen asleep.  My body was so relaxed during the entire process.  The Holy Spirit had begun a new chapter in my life with a simple visit to the spa.

My face was glowing, my body was soft and my spirit was at peace.  God allowed me to experience and understand another aspect of this journey He had taken me on.  Sure I could get caught up in how the rich and famous live, but it went beyond that.  Perhaps they experienced the same thing on a regular basis, and perhaps they took it for granted.  For some, it was smilar to having a daily cup of coffee, but for little me, it was all a part of the journey God was taking me through.

As I walked out of the spa that day, my mind, body and soul was refreshed and made new.  You see, the deadness that was scraped away was significant to how God has washed away my sins, my tears, my scars and all the things that would keep me bound.  I was no longer in bondage and was capable of living the life that He had ordained me to live before I was a twinkle in my mother’s eyes. 

Today, I am a divorced woman, and no man has touched this new skin of mine and guess what,  he won’t, not unless God allows him to find me.  For surely today, I am a good thing.

Shalom Yedda Dim (Beloved Ones)


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