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Spreading Your Wings

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Philippians 1:6
6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

All month, I questioned why I was not only able to write a February blog, but always given words to write my daily nuggets. I was becoming frustrated and confused, as I could not understand why a monthly blog was not on the list of things to do. That is when God tenderly spoke to me about the life of a butterfly. Just as surely, the heavens and the earth declare the glory of God, Elohim made it so we do too. As we all know, this has been a very interesting winter to say the least, but it was also a magical time. So, as I sat quietly, with God, He reminded me one of His names is Elohim, the God of all creation. In His infinite wisdom, He reminded me of a place in Connecticut that after a summer rain, hundreds of butterflies would emerge. As I smiled, He then told me to look at the butterfly.

Now while many of us are not always sensitive to the changing of the seasons and what actually transpires during those times, it is nothing less than amazing. Many times we are so focused on what we are facing, that we miss what Yeshua is showing us along the way.

A caterpillars is very hungry prior to weaving a cocoon and are said to be herbivorous. Typically they build their pupa in the spring or early summer months. They will survive as long as they are in a place protecting them from wind, rain and harsh temperatures. Caterpillars weave their cocoons and the silk comes from their mouth. They are constantly weaving and in motion as they weave their cocoons. They must be left alone during the transformation stages. They survive off of little or nothing during this time. It is almost as if they are dead but in fact they are not. They are in the same place because they have not moved. While all along, their wings are growing.

Now this is what you need to understand:
You continued to read the Word of God, Pray and study. And along the way, you wondered why there was a period that you were left alone. You did not understand it and at times it may have seemed lonely and even hard. You had little but God always managed to make it more than enough. You faced difficult times in your life. If you compared them to the weather, Doppler would have reported torrential rains, strong winds and freezing temperatures in your life. You felt as though you were not progressing at some point. Yes, God had given you great dreams and promises. You continued to encourage others and pray for them. You continued to believe and yet, it just seemed like your dreams were not just dying, but dead.
But the one thing you remembered was that you had the power to speak life or death.

And no matter what appeared to be happening in your life you spoke life. You had no idea of what you were doing, you just knew that God was able. You held onto your faith. People thought you were crazy at times but remember, Moses was a basket case so you are in good company! During times when you felt weak, you called for help, but no one was to be found. You had to go to God. He purposely removed anyone that would help you at that point of your journey. And for some reason greater than you can say, you are here today!

Now, look at you today. You are in a place where your wings are growing and at the appointed time you will push yourself out of that cocoon. It is part of the process God prepared you for! Today, understand why you went through so much. Be encouraged because very soon, many of you will have your wings and take flight!

From my heart to yours…


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