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Proverbs 27:7

7 A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, But to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.

 I recently had a conversation with a friend. And in that conversation we were discussing life in general. You see, these are the times that I reflect back on life lessons and how the word of God always becomes alive in my life. I had a grandmother that would read me scriptures whenever I was going through things. I could fall asleep crying and wake up and she would still be reading.

On one occasion I remember asking my grandmother why my life was not always sweet. Things that I had experience seemed so hard and the people seemed so bitter. I had been hurt at various times and it seemed that even when I offer my hand it was bitten.

Her response was this:

Pamela, when I bake I bake from scratch and one of my favourites is the rum cake. Your life journey God placed you on is similar to the rum cake. You see some of the ingredients that must go into it are very bitter but when they are measured right and placed together they must then be baked.  After coming out of that oven, that cake is the sweetest thing to hit your tongue.

Let God have His way, He is sweetening you in spite of life’s bitter ingredients. Know that there will be times that you are placed in an oven and it is not going to be easy or fun but He knows His end results...You just let God have His way.  Your bitter shall become sweet Pamela!

My grandmother died at the age of 96. She gave me something that will be with me always. She gave me love and a love for the Word of God! Love you Grandma! ♥


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