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Storms of Life

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Psalms 107:29
He calms the storm, So that its waves are still….

Storms of life will inevitably come and with them; are disturbances trying to alter and upset our everyday normal conditions, bringing the manifestations of winds and forces accompanied by rains of life.  Life can and will begin to take on an entire different direction as violent outbreaks attempt to take charge.  The difference in what happens around us and how we prepare or respond to life’s storms will bear much on our outcome!

I have heard it said that you can never truly prepare for some of the things that come up in life but I have come to believe the opposite. There is an answer for every question and truly there is nothing new under the sun.Times has changed some perhaps, but the challenge of living a life worth living has not. Making a difference in your life and that of others in itself can be a challenge but the difference begins with ourselves and how we view the world around us. The book of Matthew gives imagery and examples of how Jesus exercised his power and authority over nature itself.

He calms a raging sea with a word and as the story unfolds it highlights both Jesus’ power and His disciples’ difficulty in putting their complete faith in Him despite the miracles they had already witnessed.

I know for myself, God truly has an outstanding track record when it comes to His faithfulness but I like the disciples have failed upon occasion to truly trust Him at times when it counted the most.  This failure to trust not only resulted to me reacting in a manner contrary to the person He created me to be, but also in prolonging my storms.  But today, when the skies are cloudy and about to rain, I see the cleansing and growth that will take place as a result of much needed rain after a drought. And when it snows, I just bundle up and prepare to be cozy in the arms of Jesus knowing that He cares for me.

With life being so full of choices I have come to realize that I have the choice of how I respond.  My choice will determine the outcome of each and every storm or obstacle that I must inevitably face. I can either prepare for them and speak peace into the situation knowing that no matter what, the storms will blow or I can make the situation more difficult and not face them knowing that my weapons of warfare are not carnal but spiritual for the tearing down of strongholds.

Which would you choose!

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