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A very dear friend that God placed into my life has taught me pricesless things and as a result I have learned that God always has a plan for each of us. Because of him, daily I can embrace my journey and remember these following truths:

Focus on becoming more and more the person that you always wanted to be and was intended to be. Begin to feel better about everything regarding yourself!

Pay attention to your qualities and allow life and your journey to nourish them. Become aware and conscious of your strengths, passions, generosity, courage, compassion and even weaknesses. By doing this you are creating a positive force in your life that will encourage you to be all you can! The more you feel good about yourself, the stronger and better you will become!

By doing this you will create a positive force that will encourage you to be and feel the person God intended you to be. Stop living a life of waiting for the dark cloud to rain and begin to realize that you can always walk in the Son...And when it does rain, realize that that's why they make

Your past does not define you, the world cannot confine you, allow Jesus to refine you and Heaven's wisdom will shine you!!!!

Thank you Parris Greer. You have enriched my journey by being a ripple in the ocean of life...Shalom Yedda Dim (Beloved One) ♥
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