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Raising the Standard

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"When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Isaiah 59:19)  

Choosing to live righteous with morals and values can be a real fight with so much temptation around us today. And truly, living fo...r the Lord can be a battle needless to say. You are inundated with the forces around you and life’s demands.

Most of the spiritual attacks will be on the things closest to your heart and if you are truly living the word of God, not just reading it, as your heart is open to study it and seek the deeper mysteries you shall begin to walk the identical journey of those you study.  Sure, when you were in school most people told you that majority of what you learned you would never use in the real world. This however is not the case when it comes to your journey with Christ. The word or God was not placed there to be seen or used as book knowledge only. It serves as our examples for overcoming life’s most tragic experiences.

For those of us that have read and studied Job in debt, you will have your Job experience, you shall have your Judas experience where you face the ultimate betrayal and if you have not, just continue to live. You shall have your Ezekiel experience where you are left in a valley filled with dry bones and the only thing you have is the word of God. These are the times that you will have to prophesy over your own life. But take heart, death is usually the resurrection of life and truly; some things will die in that valley of dry bones and they will need to for God to accomplish the work that He began in your life.

So my friend I share all this with you to say this, like those in the bible, we are an imperfect people serving an all knowing perfect God that knows our beginning and our end. We have His word for instruction and His Holy Spirit for direction. So follow the instructions and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and I guarantee you that in the end, you may die but like your Heavenly Father, you will rise up with all power in your hands.

God has raised up a people and a standard to live by…….you are a chosen people a holy generation!
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